How To... Email Vehicle QR Printouts



Vehicle QR Printouts are critical to the JoeyQueue system running smoothly. The QR Printout allows faculty to easily identify vehicles and enter them into the Car Duty Queue.

Step 1:

Open the Navigation Menu.

Step 2:

Navigate to the Principal Portal.

Step 3:

Under "Send myself all Vehicle QR Printouts", click Send.

Step 4:

Click SEND. The email displayed is the email associated with your Account.

Step 5:

The system may take a few minutes to process, while this is going on the Send buttons on your Principal Portal will be disabled (grayed out).

Step 6:

Click OK. An email containing a PDF of all the Vehicle QR Printouts should be in your email inbox (email displayed in step 4).

Step 7:

Each Printout page should be printed on a sturdy 8.5/11 piece of paper and distributed to its' respective Guardian. Note: a Guardian may have more than one Vehicle and they must use the correct Printout in each of their Vehicles. Using the wrong Printout in a vehicle will lead to confustion for the Faculty running Car Line.

Each Printout contains the Vehicle's Color, Make, Model, Quick Pin, QR Code, and Student Name

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