How JoeyQueue Works


At JoeyQueue we understand that prinicpals have a lot on their plates. That's why we developed an app to make the carline pickup process FASTER, EASIER and SAFER. JoeyQueue gives principals and parents peace of mind that their students are accounted for during the entire carline process. Allowing carline staff to load students faster and with less hiccups. Getting students and teachers home earlier.

As a principal, just sign into the app and register your school. Once the school has been created you can begin adding Faculty and Homerooms. An email will be sent to each Faculty as you create them, giving them instructions on how to connect to their profile. Next comes students, guardians, and vehicles. Each student can be linked to their guardian(s) and each guardian can be linked to their vehicle(s).

All that is left is to use the "Principal Portal" to email yourself the Vehicle QR Tags, print them out, and distribute them to your Guardians. When a guardian pulls up on the first day of school, all they have to do is show the paper and have a Faculty scan the code. There is no guesswork, as soon as the code is scanned the student(s) belonging to the guardian will be added to the in-app QUEUE. A message will be sent to all of the Faculty, alerting them of the new student being added to the QUEUE. The student can be sent out to the car line to be ready before the vehicle approaches the front of the line. This makes the carline process FASTER and EASIER, but what about SAFER?

At JoeyQueue we understand that the safety of your students is your number one priority. That's why our app has multiple layers of security. Before placing a student in a vehicle they must verify that the Guardian has the correct Vehicle QR Tag and that the Vehicle matches the description in the app. With these two checks a student should never be placed into an unauthorized vehicle. Additionally, by allowing Faculty and Administrators to see the current carline queue, they will have a much easier time keeping track of which students have been sent home and which ones are still waiting to be picked up.

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